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3d logo animations $10.00 3D-модель 3d logo animations
3d logo animations. A template animals Cinema 4ds with a logo coming from a mosaic. The file type is c4d. Plugins are not used. Any picture can be superimposed on the background texture materials. On the material of the logo texture, a picture in PNG format on a transparent background is desirable. the template is made in Cinema 4ds R12 32Bit. A video instruction for editing is attached. If you are familiar with this program, you will change it. Texture and logo are attached for an example. Render is made in the format of AVI-clips with a resolution of 1280X720 in HD quality, the speed of 25 frames per second.
3D-редактор: Cinema 4d
Материалы: Other
Форматы: .3ds, .obj, .c4d, .fbx
globalword globalword Россия
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firetwister firetwister

Эх... кальяна с нардами не хватает :)

В остальном - отлично.

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