Standard booth Standard booth
Standard booth
The success of participation in an exhibition depends on the validity of the exhibition stand. His main tasks: to attract visitors and to ensure conditions for easy viewing in most cases the product can solve a standard booth. This is the optimal solution in cases where the budget is low, or exhibition to be participated in the highly specialized exhibition for visitors whose external surroundings is almost irrelevant. Standard stand with white fascia panel to be coated vinyl film with a logo and company name allows us to give exposure quite presentable...
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12 Junho de 2014 14:02
Friends, is a huge problem when rendering! Friends, is a huge problem when rendering!
Autor: Abramsila2

Friends, is a huge problem when rendering! all the time there is noise, began to change nastroiki, got worse, tell me what to do?

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4 Junho de 2014 13:46
Classic interior in a modern apartment: for or against Classic interior in a modern apartment: for or against

What interior style is preferred by most of our fellow citizens? Of course, classic. Wealthy gentlemen still build country houses as castles, and ordinary citizens are trying to turn their small apartment in the palace. This is despite the recent advances in industrial design and architecture, the emergence of new technologies and innovative construction finishing materials. Few inspired futuristic objects that are erected around the world Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster, and fashionable furniture by Karim Rashid or Patricia Urquiola is considered too fanciful and colorful.

So why...

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24 Abril 2014 15:19
Selecting rear Editor Selecting rear Editor

If you need to create
visualization, one of the emerging question is "How?". Rather it arises from the newcomers, but the pros are interested in other things. For example, which editor to perform this same visualization?
The choice is influenced by many factors. Here, perhaps, the main ones:
1. Ease of use editor (which is primarily dependent on the ability to use whatever editor and already second on its "construction"),
2. The amount of time necessary (which also depends on your skill, but also to some extent on the complexity of both the program and project)

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16 Abril 2014 14:14
Choice TV: how not to lose with a diagonal Choice TV: how not to lose with a diagonal
Autor: reporter
TV in the house is a kind of leisure center, which attracted a lot of attention. Even fans of movies over the Internet, often prefer to transfer the selected image on the wide screen of your TV. To view brings pleasure, and the TV even when turned off as part of a feast for the eyes interior designer, it is important to understand how to choose the diagonal of the TV for each room.

Often people wish to have several TVs in the house. In the kitchen - the latest news at the breakfast table, in the...
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9 Fevereiro 2014 22:08
Game Development Game Development

Hi everyone i am making a game which will be played in a house. I need help in modelling of kitchen, tv lounge, bed room, in lowpoly. Can anyone help me out

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30 Janeiro de 2014 13:42
Floor plan: where to start Floor plan: where to start
Autor: reporter
Plan or drawing obmerochny apartment represents an initial outline of the hand of all its components. Without it, it is impossible to start any kind of repairs.

Correct measurement plan allows as clearly as possible to plan the budget, to understand exactly what items are appropriate bends or even possible in this room.

To get started, the designer will need a piece of paper, a pencil, a ruler, tape measure, no harm will be an electronic altimeter, which measures the height easily. In the first...

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29 Janeiro de 2014 21:57
Eclecticism: the union of opposites Eclecticism: the union of opposites
Autor: reporter
What style of eclecticism? It's a pretty interesting area, which was formed through other different styles. It is an eclectic combination of two or three similar among themselves styles (Baroque, Renaissance, Classicism, Romanticism, etc.) necessarily united by a common color scheme, materials and textures, not contradictory. It is important to understand and properly connect these or other decorative items, furniture, that in the end it all looked very whole and without chaos. The whole style is based zest to find some...
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8 Janeiro de 2014 22:31
Fogo - Island for artists Fogo - Island for artists
Autor: reporter
Who would have thought that got lost in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland, Fogo Island with time to attract so much attention. The credit for this architect Todd Saunders, born in these places. Todd worked in Germany, Austria and other European cities, and typing a lot of experience as a professional and life, he decided to settle in Breheny and then open his studio Saunders Architecture.

jpg ">

One day, he heard that a native of the island, Zita Cobb, who reached heights...
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25 Dezembro de 2013 22:43
Town planning Town planning
Autor: reporter
With the development of transport and the rapid growth of urban areas urban development was very promising area of activity for architects and 3D-graphics. Aspects such as complex interchanges, the growing number of residents and environmental pollution in large cities require constant adjustments and changes to existing infrastructures, as well as search for new ideas and principles in the planning of cities.

The concept of "Urbanism" can be defined as the purposeful activity of different structures (civil...
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24 Dezembro de 2013 20:26