French charm in the interior French charm in the interior
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The formation of the French style is much wagged fashion and cultural values ??of France in the 18th century. A kind of cult of wealth and luxury, which originated among the French aristocracy, while the display not only the clothes, but the manners and interior elements. The main features of the classic French style in the interior are the luxury, sophistication, elegance and romance, so the main task is to create such an interior - to pass all these features in a room and create a romantic atmosphere of France.

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22 Dezembro de 2013 14:55
The strength and weakness of women architects The strength and weakness of women architects
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Odile Decq - an architect by training, and one of the most prominent designers in France. Most of her works are created in the style of Hyper-Tension, which means - a hyper-tension. But the Odile refers to his project as a new adventure, a new creation story without referring them to certain styles.

She has many awards for projects started, the most important of them:

- "Golden Lion" in 1996, for significant contribution to the development of architecture;

- About ten international and...
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19 Dezembro de 2013 22:07
The elegant simplicity of the white interior The elegant simplicity of the white interior
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White color not only opens up opportunities to create stylish design, but also allows you to visually change the space. This color creates a feeling of lightness, spaciousness, tranquility and enlarges the area of the premises.

The white color blends into the classics and high-tech country and the modern, avant-garde and Baroque, and various ethnic styles. He is very versatile and can be used both to create grandiose and for minimalist homes.

At the beginning of the century white alien...
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15 Dezembro de 2013 20:47
Adjusting lighting for realistic 3D images Adjusting lighting for realistic 3D images
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To get the best possible photo-realistic image, it is necessary to know how to adjust lighting, the basics of which are based on the following principles.

The law of conservation of energy. This principle says that any reflection value can not be greater than at the beginning. That is, when fighting off an object of a certain amount of energy absorbed by them and naturally becomes dimmer. Hence the conclusion - never reflect more light than rejected.
With regard to the effect of this law on the...
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11 Dezembro de 2013 22:06
Baroque style: luxury and wealth Baroque style: luxury and wealth
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The Baroque style can truly be called one of the most luxurious in the history of style, a style palaces, luxurious mansions, country villas. Now it is also used in the apartments, but please note that these apartments should be large, with high ceilings and two-level is desirable that as much as possible to convey all the grandeur of the Baroque.

This style originated in Italy in the early XVII century, and literally translates as "artsy".
And no wonder, because each element of the decor present some...
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10 Dezembro de 2013 20:54
Well that garden, which is adequate Well that garden, which is adequate
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Gilles Clement, a French landscape designer, is known as the author of many public parks, not only in France but also around the world. He published his philosophical beliefs on the subject of nature conservation, environmental advocates principles garden care. And now is a professor of the prestigious Versailles National School of Landscape Architecture. But who knows what would have had life, if not for the accident. It happened when Gilles watered chemicals roses in the garden of his father, and received severe...
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9 Dezembro de 2013 23:24
Caustic Visualizer 1.3 for Autodesk Maya Caustic Visualizer 1.3 for Autodesk Maya
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Company Caustic Professional, which is a branch of the group Imagination Technologies Ltd., continues to produce products that are equipped with cross-platform PowerVR OpenGL, which allows using the ray tracing method to create images with the best quality. The new product was the Caustic Visualizer 1.3 for Autodesk Maya. It developers have managed to combine the power of online interactive Maya renderer. The plugin is based on imaging technology Brazil, that allows you to see in real time all the scene changes that...
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9 Dezembro de 2013 22:23
Occupation - landscaper Occupation - landscaper
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Landscaping - this is nothing like art, in which interweave architecture and botany. Landscape design is the ability to create a miracle of creation on the brink of man-made and pristine. But the very nature of teaching is not easy, you need to have a delicate taste and, of course, considerable store of knowledge.

Implementation of design mission in this area begins, as usual, with a meeting with the customer. At this stage, it is important to build a balance between their desires and capabilities (both monetary...
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8 Dezembro de 2013 23:21
IndigoRenderer 3.6. IndigoRenderer 3.6.
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There was a new version of IndigoRenderer 3.6.

The engine represents a rendering system, where all calculations of light energy is interconnected, which is its main feature. IndigoRenderer develops GlareTheologiesLimited, one of the leading companies in the imaging world.

This renderer for 3D packages 3ds Max (has built native plugin) - allows you to work on a huge scale geometry is very productive, supported by features such as the rendering of acceleration GPU, subsurface scattering (SSS),...
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7 Dezembro de 2013 17:50
Freelance designer: pros and cons "free floating" Freelance designer: pros and cons "free floating"
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Freelance attracts a large number of designers and many seriously think about the opportunity to work without being attached to a fixed schedule and organization.

But in the work of a freelancer has its salinity and specific, so not every person will approach this arrangement. Anyone who is considering this option should weigh all the pros and cons.

The main advantages of freelance work include the following:

1. The designer chooses the project, on which he will work. If the employer...
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3 Dezembro de 2013 20:58