The identity of the Italian Interior The identity of the Italian Interior
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Italy ... bright warm country, with its unrivaled taste absolutely everything, whether it's food, fashion, architecture, does not matter, will be present throughout the distinctive atmosphere of this extraordinary country. The interior of the house deserves special attention. Italian style absorbed the seemingly incompatible two components - the antique splendor and wealth with a rustic simplicity - thus showing that even such seemingly incompatible things, with the right combination, can look very...
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3 Dezembro de 2013 20:32
What is rendering What is rendering
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Visualization - the arch is an important section in the computer graphics, it can also be called rendering - the process of getting pictures of the model through computer programs. I should say that everything about this topic, it is very fleeting and bystroustarevayuschie, because technology does not stand still, developed by leaps and bounds - to replace the older versions at once come to the newer, with better performance. More or less well-established foundations remain, which are based on the principle of...
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1 Dezembro de 2013 23:27
Such different Oscar-winning Rango Such different Oscar-winning Rango
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Leading teksturovschik cartoon "Rango" - Steve Walton, gave some inspiring numbers: to create animation ILM (Studio 3D and 2D special effects) had to render:
- 130 characters;
- 1 yew. inventory items;
- 37 facilities;
- 28 tis. various clothing items;
- A huge number of stones, the smallest gravel, lots of rocks, grass and cacti;

All this has been drawn in over 2.5 years. During this period, he ran Walton group of professional artists, which eventually amounted to 20 people. They...
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1 Dezembro de 2013 15:04
As monsters are born out of the darkness? As monsters are born out of the darkness?
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With the "horror stories" in recent years are in trouble. Most of the films have consequences, cause ironic laughter and disappointment with cheap special effects on a background of boring, predictable conversations. But it is quite another sort aims to create a movie Guillermo Del Toro: charmingly creepy creatures gloomy stories from the category of "not for everyone."

Above one of the paintings of the famous director was lucky enough to work creative director of Studio VFX Glenn Melenhorstu and lead animator Avi...
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30 Novembro de 2013 21:27
A delicate matter: Japanese interior western house A delicate matter: Japanese interior western house
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Interior design in the Japanese style fascinates with its brevity and simplicity. But at the same time, it is filled with deep philosophy of Japanese culture and religion.

This style is suitable not for everybody, because a man who is accustomed to the Western design, may not be very convenient to use the room in Japanese style. Traditional Japanese style in interior design requires compliance with certain color palette, use of natural materials and avoiding impractical items and accessories.
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28 Novembro de 2013 21:31
The documents for the design of buildings The documents for the design of buildings
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For the execution of works on designing structures require some documentation.

The company, which is engaged in designing buildings should have everything you need for this activity licenses and certificates. You also need to prepare a complete list of services provided by the company at all stages of the design.

These documents are drawn up in a certain sequence.
First developed by initial permits, and then create the rest of the documents that you want to approve in various instances....
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28 Novembro de 2013 20:37
«Pixar»: where dreams are born «Pixar»: where dreams are born
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Who has not heard about such cartoons as "Monsters, Inc.," "WALL-E," "Cars," "Ratatouille," "Finding Nemo," "Toy Story"? I think there are very few of these. All these exciting plot, as a realistic depiction of fairy-tale characters, and the whole picture as a whole. And now it is releasing the original animation studio «Pixar», whose history begins in 1979. It was founded by George Lucas, creator of the famous "Star Wars."

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26 Novembro de 2013 23:23
Empire - strict luxury interior Empire - strict luxury interior
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Empire style - a luxury that combines rigor with cautious while impressive decor. Designed in the style of the Empire enough heavyweights because of its intricate finishes, luxurious fabrics with an abundance of extra parts.

The peculiarity of this style - in the presence of columns, molding cornices, decorated with carvings, pilasters, consoles and clarity of forms, large paintings on the road frame, as well as samples of used antique...
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26 Novembro de 2013 21:43
Neville Page and his creations Neville Page and his creations
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Neville Page - one of the 3d-artists who worked on the legendary "Avatar", from his youth dreamed of a "blue screen". But first he had no idea that the characters will not create dramatic talent and artistic.

Birthplace of modeler in England, but soon after birth, the family moved to the United States, Illinois. His parents were personalities creative profession - musician and dancer, who at one time were in the circus, invent creative...
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24 Novembro de 2013 09:58
The combination of the floor and walls in the interior The combination of the floor and walls in the interior
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Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of coverings for floors and walls. And in such a variety of designers need to find the right and the right options for the interior. The harmonious combination of wall and floor in most cases depend on ably chosen colors.

When you create the interior design of any room, whether it's a kitchen, dining room or bedroom, you need to determine exactly the desired result.

If you want to create the effect of the high ceilings make the room a deeper and higher,...
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23 Novembro de 2013 13:17