Hello! We are from Ukraine! Hello! We are from Ukraine!
Hello! We are from Ukraine!

The editors of the site and its management, staff - in Kyiv. In Ukraine.

On the 24th, we woke up from the fact that our city of Kyiv was subjected to a missile attack. At 4:00, explosions and flashes were visible all over Kiev. We woke up in a panic, not understanding what was...

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14 Marzo 2022 12:12
WEGAME – Ukraine’s main game event WEGAME – Ukraine’s main game event

The largest in Ukraine international exhibition of interactive entertainment WEGAME will take place in Kiev on the...

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16 Febbraio 2016 09:46
Newcomers Newcomers
Autore: аскар
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20 Maggio 2015 22:05
Shortcuts in 3D Max Shortcuts in 3D Max
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17 Maggio 2015 16:08
What role does the lighting in the bedroom? What role does the lighting in the bedroom?
Autore: Igor208
All elements of any bedroom reflect the character and taste of couples. Each bedroom can see his own style, to celebrate their individuality. The overall impression from the bedroom consists of finishing the ceiling and walls, decorative elements, furniture. However, one of the most important elements in the bedroom to create a comfortable environment is the lighting.
There are three types of lighting: decorative, local and general.
The basic rule under general lighting is its softness. Since most of it in the bedroom we rest and sleep, it is...
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26 Aprile 2015 02:01
Curtains - between us and the world Curtains - between us and the world
Autore: Khaleesi
Curtains and blinds perform a number of significant functions in the house, so it is important to understand how to choose curtains for the room.
With their help, people can protect themselves from prying looks of passers-by, which is particularly important for owners of apartments on the first floor. They protect from the blinding sunlight, and at times a kind of corny ugly outside. In the end, the curtains - this is an interesting detail, which gives additional possibilities in interior design.

"Naked" window
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2 Novembre 2014 16:30
FluidRay RT FluidRay RT

FluidRay RT is an application for rendering in real time. FluidRay RT simulates the real process of digital photography. It can be used in conjunction with any 3D-software. On the basis of these properties of light sources and cameras materials in accordance with the laws of physics, it reproduces images of scenes, like a digital camera.

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24 Agosto 2014 16:59
How to choose the interior color for small bedrooms How to choose the interior color for small bedrooms

If the area of ??your bedroom is small, you are likely to think that the only way to visually enlarge the space - how to make a room brighter. White color could best cope with the solution of this problem. However, if you cozy bedrooms inseparable from the deep dark colors, there are ways to harmoniously fit them into the interior, without overloading the space.

Any color that you think is soothing, perfect for any bedroom area. If the owners of apartments with small bedroom trying to get away from the traditional bright or dark colors, modern designers are encouraged to use...

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10 Luglio 2014 19:28
Time freshen up? 7 mind-blowing pools Time freshen up? 7 mind-blowing pools
Autore: Khaleesi
Infinity Pool Nestled in Skayparke at Marina Bay Sands (Singapore) at a height of 57 floors. Thus, guests can contemplate the beautiful urban landscape, on the roof of a skyscraper prohlazhdayas. Designed by famous architect Moshe pool Safdie.

Swimming pool at San Alfonso del Mar (Algarrobo, Chile) was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records for its impressive parameters: 80,000 square meters. m. area, more than 1 km. slowness and volume - 250000000 liters.


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17 Giugno 2014 17:00
Stands in advertising and organization of events Stands in advertising and organization of events
Stands in advertising and organization of events
Exhibition stands - it's modular design, commonly used in short exhibitions. To see these displays can also be in stores or advertising organizations. The main advantages of these structures are small weight characteristics, fast and easy installation that does not require special knowledge and special tools. Thanks to interesting design graphic panels, exhibition stands easily attract the attention of the necessary audience. Photopanel allows you to place an image information or symbols of the organization. Panels of...
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12 Giugno 2014 15:36