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The section "living rooms" of the gallery Artworks. This section presents a lot of different design options and layouts of living rooms. There are many beautiful photos living rooms, actually not a photo, and photo-realistic visualization. When you are going to repair apartments, you want your apartment was comfortable and functional. The design project is created for considering all the details, select appropriate materials decor, consider the room layout.

Of course, all the customers needs and abilities are different. Some want to equip small apartment with a minimal budget, and some can afford a house in several floors. But if you don't have much money for repairs, don't ignore the services of a designer.

Apartment renovation is an expensive business. If you still live in this apartment for repair time without an opportunity to move to the temporary housing it can be stressful for all residents. So it is better once order design project apartment, it will help to save time and money. It happens when you pick wallpaper in the building supermarket, you think it will be suitable for Your living room. But when you glue wallpaper, it makes your room darker than expected, and the Wallpaper is not suitable to the floor. You may get over it, and, perhaps, will go to buy new Wallpapers, already taught by experience. Of course, this is one example why you should order a design project apartment.

Anyway, often people think they are the specialists in all fields. And even the person working seller or doctor ignore the services of the designer because he knows better what he likes. But don't think so, because that more important – it's an experience. The experienced interior designer can suggest and prevent problems that you don't know. It is not easy. Design project apartment is not only beautiful visualizations and renderings. At first, you have to make measurements of space, to transfer the results of measurements in electronic form, to build a layout of your apartment or house. The next step is coordination the furniture placement, various possibilities of the apartment. And then the designers-visualizers start creating a 3d project of the apartment.

In this section, you can find the works of designers and architects various levels of qualifications. Living rooms, apartments - are the subject of this section of the gallery. If you like some works, and you looking for the designer for arranging your own housing, please contact the designer - the author of the work on our website.