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There is the gallery section of the 3d design of the kitchen. This section presents the work of interior designers and furniture according to the kitchen theme.

A design of the interior of a kitchen is an important part of the work by apartment project and needed a special attention. It is needed to notice that a kitchen in modern terms can be a separate apartment for eating and cooking. Also, there is a variant of the fashionable now placing of the kitchen together with a living room. It is a studio apartment.

For small apartments with small kitchens, the interior designers often combine the kitchen with a living room. And sometimes designers combine the kitchen with a bedroom in the one-room apartment. Such variant requires a certain approach from the point of view of design and planning of apartment. And it is not desirable for one-room apartments. It is necessary to take into account several factors. The first factor is the noise. And if You live not alone, imagine a situation where one person is trying to sleep, and the second at the same time make noise by tableware in a kitchen. The second moment is the smells. Even with the most modern ventilation systems and hoods, it will not prevent you from getting the smell of food in the other room. First of all, it is needed several times to think, before to unite a kitchen with a room in a one-room apartment.

For every family, a kitchen has an enormous value. Often a kitchen in an apartment and a house is combined with a dining-room. Basically, each day of family or alone living person starts with coffee and breakfast. Often we do it in the kitchen. The interior of the kitchen must be a pleasing eye, be comfortable and functional, designed for small items. Everything must have its place. So special attention is paid not only design kitchens, but also kitchen furniture. Kitchen furniture must be functional and comfortable. Of course, the different sizes of apartment put the terms and scopes in realization design of the project of the kitchen. Large rooms give more opportunities for designers and constructors. In its turn, the small space force to smash their heads over how to economize some space and post all compact and comfortable. If you think over repair or equip the new housing – it is recommended to consult specialists and order the design of kitchen for specialists. A well-designed and beautiful kitchen design will help you brighten up everyday life and get pleasure from cooking.

You will find the many options of kitchen design in the current section. Photo-realistic visualization of kitchens and dining-rooms, the works of designers from all over the world with 3d max and other 3d editors there are all this on the website