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A design of interiors of cabinets and offices is subjects of current section of the Artworks. In this section you can find a lot of photorealistic visualizations of cabinets of leaders, office apartments, workplaces in apartments and houses.

Now, in many rich companies it becames fashionable to create the original and rich design of office apartments for their employees. It creates an original comfort atmosphere to the visitors and office employees. And also helps distinguish the organization among others. Certainly, a company makes the order in the design of studio to create the interesting interior of office apartments, or to the private interior designers. For creating the design of interior of office apartments a designer takes into account meny factors like wishes of customer and also many different little things and rules. Now it is acceptes to break up office apartments on a few zones. The zone for meeting and expectation of clients is the one of the most presentable zones, that gives the first impression about a company. The working zone has  lung and modest working interior, pleasant and quiet colors, well carefully thought out functionality. Many people in the modern world is conducted on workplaces greater part of their life. And not bad if a worker feels comfortably, and most important that it will be pleasant to him on the workplace. Also there must be a relaxation zone in every office. For example, Western companies even create places for a dream for their workers. And in some Eastern countries, workers can relieve stress beating as a punching bag an effigy of the boss in their spare time. Interior design of office is a new trend in the field of design and architecture. And popularity grows in modern business culture with every year.

The design interior of cabinet of leader we will consider a separate topic. The special attention is spared to this apartment for a few reasons. And still it is the head office of the company, and in the cabinet of leader meeting is conducted at highest level. n this question a great deal depends on a leader, his tastes, preferences, age. On our site you can find great number of visualizations of cabinets of leader, design of projects of office apartments, and much more. Register on the website and you will have the opportunity to leave feedback to pleasing works, and also to contact with an author directly. Besides, if you are a designer and the visualizations of cabinets, offices are in your Arsenal we will be glad to see your works on the web-site.