3d plus Photo 3d plus Photo
Autore: satiev_damir

Video tutorial plus 3d picture with the correct display of shadows

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22 Gennaio 2013 12:28
Creating interior using 3ds max Creating interior using 3ds max
Autore: Fly

Creating interior using 3d max

Hello, in this tutorial I will show one of the ways one can create an interior scene having a drawing. Drawing might be as a picture, e.g. jpg, bmp, tiff, or any other bitmap picture format.

Ok, let’s start. Open 3ds max and switch to top view.

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2 Marzo 2012 15:23
Resource collector 3dmax Resource collector 3dmax
Autore: Fly

Resource collector is a very useful tool for having all the files related to the scene in one particular folder or an archive. Especially when there are tons of textures used. It is very similar to 3d max - Archive tool, but it doesn't create the whole set of folders and sub folders. It places all the files together into one folder.

The utility can be reached by locating the Utilities, to the right side as shown on the picture below, press More...

The following window appears with a list of additional 3d max's...

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9 Febbraio 2012 12:00