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There are the design projects of cafes, bars, restaurants on the website In this section, you will find the exclusive work of designers specialized in the design of public catering enterprises. Planning and design of halls of the cafe, bars, restaurants are different. It depend on the purpose of premises, the specifics of service delivery. Some establishments designed to ensure that people held in them as much time as possible and left, respectively, more money. Such establishments are bars and some restaurants. Often in the design projects of such establishments artificial lighting is dominate. And almost no windows and fluorescent light there. It helps the visitor to forget time, to relax, to skip a few Beers. As a rule, expensive furniture not uses in bars, everything is simple and functional. Basically the atmosphere is created through a properly set-up lighting, decorations.

The restaurant interior design must create a light atmosphere with good lighting. Here it will be pleasantly to have a drink a cup of tea, to meet an old friend, or to read the morning newspaper.

Restaurants are a theme more difficult and more interesting from the point of view of design and visualization. Such establishments generally conforms to a specific style or tied to the thematic plot of establishment. The design of the restaurant is always interesting and exciting work. For example, the name of the restaurant can underline specific cuisine, suppose Italian. Of course, it is reflects in the interior. That the guest of such establishment with a taste of meal should feel the atmosphere and mentally find yourself in distant Italy.

You will find options for the decoration of cafes, bars, restaurants in our catalog . There are unique works of interior designers as chic refined restaurants so wayside cafes. If you are the designer of interior 3ds max visualizer we will be glad to see your work on the current section on our website. Register online, add your works, comment on design projects by other users. Share your experience on