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Visualization of the rooms for different purposes is the subject of the current section of the gallery 3d graphics Artworks. In this section, you can find the photo-realistic rendering of such facilities as rest rooms, visualization of hotel numbers, creative workshops, rooms for musicians.

Besides the accepted universal premises the residential house also has specialized rooms. This is not an easy task for an interior designer. For example, your child carried away by plane modeling. You decide to make the room for the workshop which will be not only functional but also beautiful. Or you are an artist and paint pictures. For this purpose, you have a separate room. And you want to make it not just a workplace but a work of art. Then interior design for specialized rooms is just what You need.

By creating the project and the visualization of the theme rooms the designer must understand the processes that will occur in this room, put yourself in the shoes of the customer. It will help to understand what and how the customer will use often. Some instruments must be kept on hand, but some instruments can be hidden in a closet because they are used not so often. The designer of the interior should be paid special attention to the lighting. The working space of the room must be illuminated by the best way, must be comfortable and functional. The special approach is needed if a room is designed for a musician and it is in a dwelling-house apartment. By the creation of such project, the designer must think over variants and methods of noise isolation. He must try to make the sound did not go beyond the music studio. This category can be attributed rooms for sports, mini-gyms. A healthy lifestyle is a fashionable and widespread concept. And some sporting families allocate a whole room for training and sports equipment. Perhaps many people will neglect to order a design project of the room with the interior designer. But if you want to build every square meter of your living space, to use of space functionally, to make everything beautiful and unique, then the interior designer is the one who you need.