Soft toy bird $11.00
Soft toy bird
Revolver $6.00
Childbed $5.00
Cork seat $5.00
Cork seat
Tequila Box Download
Tequila Box
Chandelier "Spider" Download
Chandelier "Spider"
Palm Download
Umbrella "Diplomat" $6.00
Umbrella "Diplomat"
Chair studio Outline (Remix 163, Black) PR Download
Chair studio Outline (Remix 163, Black)
Ocean jet 8 $4.49
Ocean jet 8
MV Saint Thomas Aquinas $6.49
MV Saint Thomas Aquinas
Pendant lamp Studio (White) PR Download
Pendant lamp Studio (White)
Sofa_Mondrian $9.99
Kickstand for guitar $3.00
Kickstand for guitar
Horizontal bar $4.00
Horizontal bar
One hryvnia $2.00
One hryvnia
Pan carved-PN-001 $2.00
Pan carved-PN-001
MV Sulpicio Express Seven $7.49
MV Sulpicio Express Seven
Illuminated mirrors $25.00
Illuminated mirrors
Decor horizontal-DG-003 $2.00
Decor horizontal-DG-003
Mazda MX-5 Miata 2008 $7.00
Mazda MX-5 Miata 2008
Decor vertical-DV-001 $2.00
Decor vertical-DV-001
Glass vase "Heart" with fruits $12.00
Glass vase "Heart" with fruits
Korth Super Sport STX 6 Download
Korth Super Sport STX 6
Flowers Download
anchor box Download
anchor box
Teble Download
Kirito Download
Desert sunset Download
Desert sunset
Crystal Download
WC $3.00
Chair leg spiral Download
Chair leg spiral
Cenova Sofa $8.00
Cenova Sofa
Teble $10.00
White Lily Download
White Lily
Nightstand $5.00
Teddy-Children's Toy $5.00
Teddy-Children's Toy
Dining room $1.49
Dining room
Purslane $5.00
two-storey house Download
two-storey house
Judge's Gavel Download
Judge's Gavel
tv-storage $2.00
Dining table Download
Dining table
Tree Download
Boat $1.50
Succulent in a pot. Download
Succulent in a pot.
Christmas candles $3.00
Christmas candles
Fairytale castle-fortress. $5.00
Fairytale castle-fortress.
Shelf Folded (96x13 cm, Black) PR Download
Shelf Folded (96x13 cm, Black)
deridea chair Download
deridea chair
Bar chair with back and base made of Fiber tubes (H 75 cm, Dusty Red, Black) PR Download
Bar chair with back and base made of Fiber tubes (H 75 cm, Dusty Red, Black)
Roller Skates $10.00
Roller Skates
Door Download
Golden ceramic vases DANTONE $2.00
Golden ceramic vases DANTONE
Cottage 2level Download
Cottage 2level
REFLEX Mirror by Carveli $2.00
REFLEX Mirror by Carveli
Chair with wooden base Fiber (Remix 373, Oak) PR Download
Chair with wooden base Fiber (Remix 373, Oak)
Blooming zygocactus $2.00
Blooming zygocactus
Carpet 1 Download
Carpet 1
Cottage Download
Castle Download
Mars global surveyor Download
Mars global surveyor
Rectangular table Base 250x110 cm (Black, Plywood, Black) PR Download
Rectangular table Base 250x110 cm (Black, Plywood, Black)
For 3D-Redactors
Materials settings
3d models and modeling are used in many areas and areas of digital activity. 3d models for 3d max or any other 3D graphics editor is a set of elements displayed in three coordinate systems X, Y, Z, which are projected onto a monitor screen - onto a flat space. Advanced technologies allow you to display graphics created by automated design systems, and in 3-dimensional space, an example of such technologies - holograms and 3d printers.
The technology and the process of creating a 3d model is modeling. Any 3d graphics object consists of basic elements, which are points, polygons, edges. Each point has its position in the three-dimensional coordinate system, its unique address. In turn, the edges connect the points that form the plane. In essence, a 3d model is a set of instructions that ultimately look after processing as an object of 3d graphics. Apply three-dimensional graphics and 3d modeling widely. Designing and creating accurate working models and drawings using programs such as AutoCAD and other CAD systems greatly simplifies the work of the designer. Creating product concepts, the ability to see things before production using computer graphics is indispensable for a designer, and helps save money and time. Game designers create their worlds for the digital entertainment industry using computer graphics. Abstract worlds, unrealistic characters - all this is the imagination of designers, displayed in the coordinate system. Animation and animation are the embodiment of fantasy artists, animators, as well as the fruits of modeling in programs such as Blender, 3ds Max. C using the website you can download 3d models for 3d max, as well as other editors