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3d models and modeling are used in many areas and areas of digital activity. 3d models for 3d max or any other 3D graphics editor is a set of elements displayed in three coordinate systems X, Y, Z, which are projected onto a monitor screen - onto a flat space. Advanced technologies allow you to display graphics created by automated design systems, and in 3-dimensional space, an example of such technologies - holograms and 3d printers.
The technology and the process of creating a 3d model is modeling. Any 3d graphics object consists of basic elements, which are points, polygons, edges. Each point has its position in the three-dimensional coordinate system, its unique address. In turn, the edges connect the points that form the plane. In essence, a 3d model is a set of instructions that ultimately look after processing as an object of 3d graphics. Apply three-dimensional graphics and 3d modeling widely. Designing and creating accurate working models and drawings using programs such as AutoCAD and other CAD systems greatly simplifies the work of the designer. Creating product concepts, the ability to see things before production using computer graphics is indispensable for a designer, and helps save money and time. Game designers create their worlds for the digital entertainment industry using computer graphics. Abstract worlds, unrealistic characters - all this is the imagination of designers, displayed in the coordinate system. Animation and animation are the embodiment of fantasy artists, animators, as well as the fruits of modeling in programs such as Blender, 3ds Max. C using the website you can download 3d models for 3d max, as well as other editors