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3d visualization is a convenient and clear presentation of data to a person, the result of receiving a final image by the 3d model.  Designers have widely used visualization in their field. That why using of photo-realistic concepts make easier to show the customer how it will look future house or the product. Do not confuse this presenting of images with 3d pictures, it is a projection of the 3d model on a 2d bitmap image.

The process of miscalculation 3d visualization has name the rendering. At the moment, there are many algorithms for rendering images, the most popular are v-ray, corona render, mental ray, and cycless. Any renderer has several main groups of settings which affect the final result such as materials, lights, and various settings of quality and rendering speed, depending on the desired result. Three-dimensional visualization can be photo realistic and not photo realistic. Photo realistic visualization does the receiving image as realistic as possible and widely used in the commercial interior design, exteriors, and product visualization. Not photorealistic visualization can be used in creating cartoons, games.

The gallery Artworks presents works of 3d visualization from many designers and artists. In the gallery of 3d graphics, you will find many unique works, created in such programs as 3d max, Blender, Cinema 4d. Are you a designer? Use gallery as a portfolio and share your work in the community. Website users can appreciate your work and to share their professional opinion.