Fascinating supplies: 7 Unusual Fireplaces
Author: reporter

House in London, fireplace brand Focus

Environmental Fireplace EcoSmart Zeta, designer John Dimopoulos

Fireplace New York designer Elena Colombo


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13 November 2013 00:38
Michael Kutch: 3d-graphics as art
Author: reporter

"I'm always looking, from which you can push. To create more complex characters than those that appear in my imagination ... "

Michael Kutch, a 32-year-old illustrator, famous in the world of 3d-animation thanks to the film "Alice in Wonderland" filmmaker Tim Burton. He worked on the design of unique characters, each of whom was able to make a special



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12 November 2013 22:22
Harmony of color that what friends
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Probably every house or apartment associated with comfort, warmth and comfort, a place where you can relax from a hard day, do what he likes. Let it be playing the guitar or just passive recreation "on the couch."

During the design of the interior will be understood that the color...
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11 November 2013 09:39
Поразительная графика
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15 September 2013 14:55