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Characters in 3ds max - it's the whole direction in the world of 3d graphics. It is not enough to be a professional for modeling character or any other living or invented creatures. You need artistic talent and a good sense of proportions. Most often, 3d models of characters used in computer games. Many people even can not imagine how a big work is to create a game character. But it is not all. The character must have different clothing options, weapons, ammunition. And all it must be drawn in three-dimensional space to the smallest detail. With all of this, the 3d character must be maximally easy. Because the resource-intensive model is not an option for gaming, especially for games on portable devices, tablets, and mobile phones.

Visualization of the characters takes the place in an art. Infinite possibilities of computer graphics open for artists the new horizons in the creation of models of people. It is not easy. But the technology and possibilities of the computer programs reached the point that it would be difficult to distinguish the render from photos. The task is not easy. And even experienced artists can take a month to create the planned project.

The next purview of characters is the computer animation and making cartoons. Probably all know these heroes of the animated cartoons like Shrek. But it was also created using 3d computer graphics.

In the gallery "Artworks" you will find many interesting visualizations of 3d characters and people. If you are 3d artist – add your works on the website. Create your character and it will be interesting for our users.