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The design of child's room is the section of the Artworks gallery on the website In this section you will find a variety of design projects for children. The design of child's room requires a special approach. It is needed to take into account age and sex of a child, and not to forget that children grow quickly. The child's safety plays an important role in the interior of a child's room. Of course, it depends on the age because curiosity and restlessness of the little child are will make its own adjustments. The design of child's room for little children supposes absence of shallow details, as possible less of ribs and acute angles at that a child can strucks. It is also needed to try to avoid sublimities and furniture on that a child can climb easily, it assists prevention of falling. Because a child the most of the time plays on the floor, it is important that the floor was warm and soft. Than the child is order the design of the room will change cardinally.

Don't forget about the sex of the child. The child's room for boy may be created in the corresponding men's color tones. Consider the age and interests of the child. At creation of interior of room for a boy try to turn attention on that it likes to the child. For example, if he likes to collect the models of cars – take into account shelfs for cars in the design of the room . And if a child conducts the active way of life, the Swedish wall will not be superfluous with a horizontal bar and rope in order that a child can developed his physical flairs. Don't forget about the workplace, where the future student will do homework, fold books, study. The child's room for the child is far more than room. This his little house that forever will remain in his heart as symbol of comfort and personal space.

The child's room for a girl has much likeness with the boy's room but also there are some differences. Let's start with colors. For girls, as a rule, it is more soft pink tones, although it is not needed to follow stereotypes, it is better to listen to opinion of child. Pier-glass or mirror will not prevent a future beautiful woman, where she will be able to admire by itself, and later to inflict the first make-up. Athletic girl needs a place for her beloved sports equipment, and maybe even a place for training. So do not forget the workplace for homework, places for books. Often even adult girls love soft toys it is not bad idea to leave the place for them.

So you will find many different variants of design of child's rooms on photo-realistic visualizations in our gallery.