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There is the section of 3d visualization of the locations and three-dimensional worlds on the website 3dlancer.net. In this category, you will find works of the game designers and the designers enthusiasts. The world of three-dimensional graphics opens limitless possibilities for the creation of the fictitious and real worlds. For example, the artist-visualizer can represent how he imagines a distant space civilization or a scene or action from his favorite fantastic books. The limitless possibilities of the programs of 3ds max, Blender, Cinema 4d provide opportunities to realize the most daring fantasies of Visualizers and artists. Basically such works are not commercial and are created by experts of three-dimensional graphics for contests. Or such works are created for yourself to represent all possibilities of the skills and capabilities in a 3d world. The creation of locations for games and animations is the another thing. Probably everyone knows what is a 3d game. And the more opportunities provides technical progress the faster and better computers, the colorful graphics and the greater the detail and realism in computer games. Now the game grew into work of art. Many of them are just masterpieces from the point of view of beauty, image detail, the brightness of landscape. All it is huge work of 3d modelers and designers. The group of the designers who have created the 3D game world has collected a set of a lot of polygons and textures. If you want to become a game designer, you need to try yourself in creating of 3d locations. These are the first steps to work in the gaming industry. The created concepts and works will serve as a portfolio for future employment in the field of game industry. Do not forget that the effort, perseverance, and patience will definitely give the result. A lot of practice, constant self-education, talent development, search own genre of visualization and modeling of three-dimensional worlds are the key to the success of the young artist of the 3d locations.

Add your works in the 3d gallery "Artworks". Write reviews for other members of the community. Don't forget to listen to experienced specialists. This will help You to improve your skills, helps to gain a new experience.